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The GRAY AIX V3 is again different from the rest. The design of the GRAY AIX V3 is the result of over five years of product refinement which has culminated in still one of the most innovative recurve riser designs in modern day archery.

New to the GRAY AIX V3 is the addition of 4 plunger hole positions. This allows for finer tiller adjustment as well as extra clearance from the shelf when shooting large fletched arrows such as indoor arrows.

Like its predecessor's The GRAY AIX V3 is not just a dedicated target bow, but it can be customized into a discerning barebow riser with the addition of weights to one of its 9 weight attachment points (besides that of the front stabilizer bushing) . This is more than most recurve risers on the market and is only bested by the GRAY ARCUM riser.

The GRAY AIX uses a premium limb alignment system, which is also a practical one. The T-slide mechanism allows for the riser to be aligned, as well as the tiller to be adjusted whilst the bow is strung. Due to the method of limb alignment, the GRAY AIX allows for the limb and limb bolt to be perfectly parallel, thereby negating the introduction of any undue stress into the limb and bolt system.

But this is not the only innovative and unique aspect of the GRAY AIX. The riser allows for the addition of the bolt-on DampBridge technology which will not only change the stiffness characteristics of the riser but also provide the much-appreciated damping effect that is provided by the carbon fiber exoskeleton filled with vibration absorbent elastomer. (DampBridge sold separately)

Besides having unique bolt-on items, the GRAY AIX uses Asymmetric Window technology which, during the draw cycle, reduces the net limb tip displacement when compared to standard aluminum technology risers by up to 6 times.

All risers come with a standard 24 micron anodized coating to your specific color requirements. 

In short, the GRAY AIX was imagined by an archer and realized by an engineer.

Weight: 1236g without DampBridge,  1319g with DampBridge

Material: 6082 T6 and 7075 T651               

Dimensions:  25" RH

Colours: Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Orange, Titanium Grey

Insert Colours: Black, Silver


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