GRAY weights

GRAY weights

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Even with one of the smallest and simplest  products that GRAY Archery produces, there is technology present. The weights come silver or black with the SWART  coating.

The SWART coating , which was originally developed for the defence industry, was engineered to be a hardy black stainless steel coating that was design not to lift or expose metal when tools where used on the components. In other words, the coating is not a black paint which can chip and the weight is still stainless steel in body and not a black oxide coated stainless steel. 

These weights are available in four options:

1 ounce 1/4 UNC

1 ounce 5/16 UNF

2 ounce 1/4 UNC

2 ounce 5/16 UNF

We also listen to archers and provide a  semi-permanent 1/2"  1/4 UNC or 5/16 UNF which enables the archer  to attach the weight to the stabilizer individually.


Material: 316 Stainless steel

Dimensions: Maximum width: 12mm; Maximum diameter: 30 mm

Colour: Matt Black (SWART coated) or machine finish stainless steel

GRAY weights