GRAY S1.2 Target Stabilizers

GRAY S1.2 Target Stabilizers

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Be it on the 3D Field or target archery lanes, the S1.2 with its unique vibration dampening T-WILL 30K carbon lay-up, has shown time and again that it is a reliable and record breaking design. The new 2017 S1.2 will come in Stealth Satin Black aluminum endcaps to ensure the most economic weight distribution on your bow. Designed specifically for the compound male archer who demands stiffness when applying 15 ounces or more of weights.

With the unique hand-laid carbon fiber lay-up, GRAY carbon fiber rods provide a compromise between stiffness and vibration dampening. The carbon lay-up also provides resistance to crushing, which in turn results in a tough carbon rod.

All end caps are machined to a 5/16th UNF thread and contain the GRAY Archery GROVE & LOCK technology which prevents any rods from withdrawing from its housing.

Long Rod Lengths: 30,31,32,33,34”

Side Rod Lengths: 10,12,13.5,15”