GRAY HS1.1 Hunting Stabilizer

GRAY HS1.1 Hunting Stabilizer

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When you are on the  hunt at full draw with that buck  lining up with the pin, you are not worried about the label on your equipment or how great our setup looks or  even  how much carbon you have on your bow . You are thinking about not missing, you know that you are not allowed to miss. You trust that your equipment is ready to dispatch that arrow to its  target.

The GRAY HS 1 makes it simpler to take that shot. By adding the GRAY HS 1 stabs to your hunting setup, it not only enables you to have a more stable sight picture but also allows you to have more confidence in your shot by increasing the inertia of the bow system  and inherently be more accurate.

The GRAY HS 1 is not just about stability but it’s also about being tough. The  GRAY HS 1 is designed using high strength E GLASS  fiber on the outer layer of the rod whilst protecting the ultra high strength carbon fiber core.

Using  this layup has two main advantages when compared to other full carbon rods. Firstly the E GLASS fiber is far more resistant to impact loading's  when compared to Carbon fiber. Secondly,  using this configuration will give you better natural damping from the rod by reducing the overall stiffness of the rod  which is already compromised by the short length.

Weight: 73.2g (2.58 ounces)

Maximum width: 14mm

Maximum diameter: 36 mm

Metal colour options: Matt black  with red inner or machine finish stainless steel with blue inner